22 mayo 2014


La música popular ha recogido de múltiples maneras el tema de los desgraciados amantes de Verona.
Este es un pequeño recuerdo a la tragedia de Romeo y Julieta de William Shakespeare desde el jazz a la música latina, pasando por el pop, el rock y las baladas.

Peggy Lee es considerada como una de las cantantes más influyentes del siglo XX.
Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Judy Garland, Dean Martin, Bing Crosby y Louis Armstrong la citaron como una de sus cantantes favoritas.
De ella dijo Duke Ellington: "Si yo soy el Duke, entonces Peggy es la Reina."
Compositora y letrista de muchas de sus canciones, la letra de  Fever está escrita por ella.

Never know how much I love you, never know how much I care.
When you put your arms around me, I get a fever that's so hard to bear.
You give me fever - when you kiss me, fever when you hold me tight.
Fever - in the the morning, fever all through the night.
Sun lights up the daytime, moon lights up the night.
I light up when you call my name, and you know I'm gonna treat you right.
You give me fever - when you kiss me, fever when you hold me tight.
Fever - in the the morning, fever all through the night.

Everybody's got the fever, that is something you all know.
Fever isn't such a new thing, fever started long ago.
Romeo loved Juliet, Juliet she felt the same.
When he put his arms around her, he said "Julie baby you're my flame"
Thou givest fever, when we kisseth, fever with thy flaming youth.
Fever - I'm afire, fever yea I burn forsooth.
Captain Smith and Pocahontas had a very mad affair.
When her Daddy tried to kill him, she said "Daddy-O don't you dare"
Give me fever - with his kisses, fever when he holds me tight
Fever - I'm his Missus, Oh daddy won't you treat him right.

Now you've listened to my story, here's the point I have made:
Chicks were born to give you fever, be it Fahrenheit or Centigrade.
They give you fever - when you kiss them, fever if you live and you learn.
Fever - till you sizzle, what a lovely way to burn.
What a lovely way to burn.
What a lovely way to burn.


Lou Reed nos da una terible imagen de Romeo y Julieta ambientada en un Nueva York sórdido recorrido por la muerte y los traficantes de drogas.

Caught between the twisted stars
The plotted lines the faulty map
That brought Columbus to New York

Betwixt between the East and West
He calls on her wearing a leather vest
The earth squeals and shudders to a halt

A diamond crucifix in his ear
Is used to help ward off the fear
That he has left his soul in someone's rented car

Inside his pants he hides a mop
To clean the mess that he has dropped
Into the life of lithesome Juliette Bell

And Romeo wanted Juliette
And Juliette wanted Romeo
And Romeo wanted Juliette
And Juliette wanted Romeo

Romeo Rodriguez squares
His shoulders and curses Jesus
Runs a comb through his black pony-tail

He's thinking of his lonely room
The sink that by his bed gives off a stink
Then smells her perfume in his eyes
And her voice was like a bell

Outside the streets were steaming
The crack dealers were dreaming
Of an Uzi someone had just scored

I betcha I could hit that light
With my one good arm behind my back
Says little Joey Diaz

Brother give me another tote
Those downtown hoods are no damn good
Those Italians need a lesson to be taught

This cop who died in Harlem
You think they'd get the warnin'
I was dancing when I saw his brains run out on the street

And Romeo had Juliette
And Juliette had her Romeo
And Romeo had Juliette
And Juliette had her Romeo

I'll take Manhattan in a garbage bag
With Latin written on it that says
"It's hard to give a shit these days"

Manhattan's sinking like a rock
Into the filthy Hudson what a shock
They wrote a book about it
They said it was like ancient Rome

The perfume burned his eyes
Holding tightly to her thighs
And something flickered for a minute
And then it vanished and was gone

The Pointer Sisters triunfaron como trío en 1978 con una canción titulada Fire en la que se habla del amor de Romeo y Julieta

The Boss ofrece dos versiones diferentes de Fire,  a través de estas dos interpretaciones de este tema separadas en el tiempo y muy distintas en su intención, una más apasionada y la otra más irónica.

I'm driving in my car, i turn on the radio
I'm pulling you close, you just say no
you say you don't like it, but girl I know you're a liar
'cause when we kiss, fire

Late at night I'm takin' you home
I say I wanna stay, you say you wanna be alone
you say you don't love me, girl you can't hide your desire
'cause when we kiss, fire.

You had a hold on me, right from the start
a grip so tight I couldn't tear it apart
my nerves all jumpin' actin' like a fool
well your kisses they burn but your heart stays cool.

Romeo and Juliet, Sanson and Delilah
baby you can bet their love they didn't deny
your words say split but your words they lie
'cause when we kiss, fire.


Dentro del pop latino, el grupo dominico-estadounidense Aventura hizo una bachata titulada Romeo y Julieta.


Tomando el título de una cita de Shakespeare, Duke Ellington compuso esta maravillosa pieza llamada The Star-Crossed Lovers.

Shakespeare lo utiliza refiriéndose a aquellos enamorados que como Romeo y Julieta tienen a los astros en su contra.

Romeo is Bleeding, en español, Romeo está sangrando, tiene ecos de Romeo y Julieta de Shakespeare a través del musical West Side Story.

Según Waits la historia está basada en un incidente real en Los Ángeles y se refiere al líder de una banda mexicana que fue tiroteado y murió en un cine del centro de la ciudad.

La letra de la canción hace uso frecuente del spanglish.

También hace una referencia al actor  James Cagney que representara a tantos gangster en la pantalla.


Romeo is bleeding but not so as you'd notice
he's over on 18th Street as usual
looking so hard against the hood of his car
puttin' out a cigarette in his hand
and for all the Pachucos at the pumps
at Romero's Paint and Body
they all seein' how far they can spit
well it was just another night
and now they're huddled in the brake lights
of a '58 Bel Air
and listenin' how Romeo
killed a sheriff with his knife

and they all jump when they hear the sirens
but Romeo just laughs
all the racket in the world
ain't never gonna save that copper's ass
he ain't never gonna see another summertime
for gunnin' down my brother
and leavin him like a dog
beneath a car without his knife
Romeo says: hey man gimme a cigarette
and they all reach for their pack
and Frankie lights it for him
and pats him on the back
and throws a bottle at a milk truck
and as it breaks he grabs his nuts
they all know they could be just like Romeo
if they only had the guts

Romeo is bleeding but nobody can tell
sings along with the radio
with a bullet in his chest
and he combs back his fenders
and they all agree it's clear
and that everything is cool
now that Romeo's here

Romeo is bleeding
he winces now and then
he leans against the car door
feels the blood in his shoes
and someone's cryin' at the 5 Points
in the phone booth by the store
Romeo starts his engines
wipes the blood of the door

And he brodies through the signal
with the radio full blast
leavin' the boys there hikin' up their chinos
and then they all try to stand like Romeo
beneath the moon cut like a sickle
and they're talkin' now in Spanish
all about their hero

Romeo is bleeding
as he gives the man his ticket
he climbs the balcony at the movies
and he'll die without a whimper
like every heroes dream
like an angel with a bullet
and Cagney on the screen

And Romeo is bleeding
Romeo is bleeding hey man
Romeo is bleeding hey man
Romeo is bleeding hey man
Romeo is bleeding

Ándele pues
¡Hey, Pachuco!

¡Hey, Pachuco!
¡Hago la lucha!
Dame esa pistola, hombre
hijo de la chingada madre
¡Ay, qué pinche Pancho!
Hey, man
Hago la lucha
Hago la lucha
Vamos a dormir, hombre
Hey, man

The Reflections, Dire Straits, The Killers, Paquita la del Barrio, Jarabe de Palo, Karina, Melendi... La lista de grupos y cantantes que nos recuerdan a Romeo y Julieta se hace interminable.
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